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musculos aznarMe han enviado este flyer por correo electrónico. Aznar interviene como conferenciante en la Wharton School of Economics, una de las escuelas de negocios más prestigiosas de Estados Unidos. El email incluye, además, esta nota biográfica:

Lecturer’s biography:

•  José María Aznar served as Prime Minister of Spain from 1996 to 2004, following the electoral victory of the Popular Party after 14 years of socialist governments.
•  Under his leadership, the country experienced a historic path of economic growth and reforms (liberalization of the telecom and energy sectors, tax reductions, rationalized public spending) and Spain emerged as a leading European economy. Mr. Aznar also led Spain in the transition to the Euro currency in the year 2000.
•  After surviving a terrorist car-bomb attack in 1995, Mr. Aznar led the battle against terrorism in Spain by opposing political concessions and fostering international cooperation with democratic countries. Mr. Aznar is a strong supporter of the Atlantic Relationship and the European Union’s commitment to freedom and economic reforms.
•  After leaving office, he become distinguished Scholar at Georgetown University, he founded the think tank «Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies“, became Honorary President of the Popular Party and member of the Spanish Council of State.
•  He is member of the Board of Directors of the News Corporation and member of the Global Advisory Board of J.E. Robert Companies.
•  Mr. Aznar holds a degree in Law and an Honorary Ph.D in Social Sciences. He has authored seven books.


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